The Healthiest Leafy Greens

Leafy green vegetables are often recommended by health experts and nutritionists, usually for a variety of reasons. Our closest ape cousins eat many greens every day, and it’s speculated that our ancestors would have had a diet high in these kinds of vegetables.

They’re some of the most Vitamin and mineral-packed foods in the world and should be added to the diet wherever possible. In fact, it’s possible to skip most supplements, such as calcium, by getting enough leafy greens on a daily basis.

Here we will look at which leafy greens are considered the healthiest.


Spinach is commonly eaten around the world, and it’s a vegetable that most people are familiar with. It can be used as both a side salad as well as the main ingredient in a recipe, and it’s among the healthiest foods around.

It should be noted that spinach should not be eaten for more than three or four days in a row, as this can start to cause some problems to the kidneys due to the high oxalate content in spinach.

Collard Greens

Next is collard greens, a type of green that’s similar to spinach in some ways but are more closely related to kale. They’re easy to find at most stores, and they generally have thicker leaves that can have a bitter taste.

Collard greens are a great source of Vitamin A, C, B9, as well as calcium, and some recommend eating around a cup’s worth of collard greens per every meal. While it may get expensive to buy this number of greens at the store, collard greens are generally easy to grow and produce more than enough leaves to feed a family.


Cabbage is usually associated with bland soups, but this vegetable is actually quite versatile, and with the right recipe, it can be used to make a wide variety of dishes. Cabbage is usually extremely cheap and is sold at more grocers.

While green cabbage is the norm, it’s purple or red variety is a much better choice overall, as these tend to contain far more antioxidants than their greener cousins, meaning more antioxidant power in the body. It’s also good for the brain, which can help with work, working out problems, or when trying out eSports betting Australia.


Among the most nutritionally dense vegetables in the world, there’s a reason that kale is often dubbed as a superfood. A descendent of the Wild Mustard plant, and closely related to Brussel sprouts, kale is overflowing with plenty of Vitamins and minerals, and it’s a green that some health experts believe should be eaten every single day. Kale is extremely hardy, will grow even in the dead of winter, and continues to produce through much of the year.

It’s also easy to cook with, can be eaten raw, and it’s possible to freeze it for a few months at a time without it losing any of its nutritional goodness. Kale is often regarded as the best dark, leafy green around, and it’s one that everyone should consider incorporating into their diet.