Common Foods To Avoid At All Costs

Watching what you eat can be a challenge, given that readily available foods are often far more sinister than they first appear. Commonly consumed items are often the most fattening, and should be carefully considered in your diet if you want to stay in shape.

Of course, just because you should avoid these foods, it doesn’t mean that there aren’t plenty of delicious, healthy alternatives. What we want to do now is put a few warning flags if you’re on a mission to lose weight, or maintain healthy weight loss.


There are few things that should be avoided as much as common, sugary sodas. Yes, they are colourful and delicious, but are also loaded with sugar. If you’re looking for nutrients, look somewhere else. Various health studies have found, unanimously, that those who drink soda are far more at risk of serious obesity.

Take note that artificially sweetened fruit juices can be just as bad, regardless of their packaging that suggests they contain fruit. They may contain some fruit, but also an equal amount of added sugar. Read the content guide, and stick to fruit juice that is, in fact, fruit.

Ice Cream

It probably goes without saying that ice cream is loaded with sugar, but perhaps more than you’re even imagining. However, you don’t have to skip eating ice cream again for life. Rather save it as a treat, and be very careful about the size of the portion. Consider having fruit salad with a dollop of ice cream, and get some fibre with the added sugary deliciousness. Another treat is real money games.


Pizza is a mixed bag. Many commercial restaurants focus squarely on toppings such as processed meats and fatty cheeses, which speaks for itself. But again, it doesn’t mean you have to live a life completely free of pizza.

There are venues that use whole grain dough, and will have a variety of toppings that are also a great deal less fattening. Some cheese is fine, assuming it doesn’t dominate your diet. Pair it with sundried tomatoes, or something similar, and you’re looking at a pizza that isn’t going to riddle you with guilt.

Cookies And Doughnuts

Who doesn’t love a cookie with their morning coffee? But this deceptive little taste bud delight can be a monster. Be very careful about which cookies you decide to munch, because they certainly aren’t all created equally. Once again; read the nutritional guide, and steer clear of the bombshells.

As far as doughnuts are concerned, a single one can pack up to 300 calories. That is crazy. We’re going to suggest you don’t eat doughnuts at all.

French Fries

Lastly; we know most restaurants offers French Fries as a side, but think twice. A side of chips can pack as many as 400 calories, sauce included, and you should understand just how bad that is if remembering what we just said about doughnuts.

Rather go for a baked potato.