The Top 5 Reasons To Eat More Dietary Fibre

Most of us don’t give that much through to fibre, which consists almost entirely of plant cells. While doctors and health experts may suggest that we consume more dietary fibre if possible, they often don’t explain its role in the body and why it’s vital to living a healthy life.

Getting enough fibre every day should be a daily task for any trainer. It’s believed that in the United States, only around 1% of the population gets the recommended amount of fibre on a daily basis, which is around 35 to 40 grams per days.

When we turn our attention of indigenous tribes, such as the Hadza people of Tanzania, their daily fibre intake is closer to 100 grams, which experts believe is truly optimal. These are the reasons why fibre is so important.

1. It Feeds Our Gut Bacteria

Human beings contain trillions of single-celled organisms in our gut, and they all need to be fed as much as possible throughout the day. Their favourite source of food: dietary fibre.

The more fibre that we feed to out gut microbiome, the more important nutrients and minerals that they synthesise and release into our body. If we don’t get enough fibre, the bad bacteria tend to multiply, which can eventually lead to life-threatening diseases, such as cancer.

2. Reduces The Chance Of Diabetes

It’s a well-known fact that those that consumed the most fibre every day were least likely to developed Type 2 diabetes. It’s believed that this because fibre is especially good at reducing the amount of sugar that’s found in our blood, while also keeping the levels steady.

It’s also why eating whole fruits does not increase the chance of developing diabetes but drinking processed fruit juice can.

3. Lower Heart Disease Risk

Studies have shown that for every 7 grams of fibre that a person consumes on a daily basis, their chance of heart disease is reduced by up to 9 percent.

This is because fibre is extremely efficient at sucking all of the excess cholesterol that can be found in the human body, which it then removes before it can make its way into arteries and cause blockages down the line.

4. Achieve A Better Weight

Those that eat more fibre tend to be much leaner and have lower body fat, while those that had less than one gram a day of fibre were more prone to being overweight, which can make it more difficult to enjoy real money bingo Australia.

Important research done on mice has shown that soluble fibre has a dramatic effect on how much weight the body carries, with the mice that were given more fibre every day more likely to have a healthier body weight.

5. The Chance Of Cancer

Similar research has shown that for every 10 grams that a person eats, they can expect a 10 percent lower chance of colorectal cancer, and for women, a 5 percent lower chance of developing breast cancer.

Not only is the fibre good, but the foods that it’s found in also tend to be packed with phytonutrients and antioxidants.