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MS Office - Power Point 2007

The Certify IT's Power Point 2007 course provides students with the knowledge and skills that are needed to use the advanced software features, and integrate the Office programs with other software. When you pass the Power Point 2007 Exam 77-601, you achieve Microsoft Certified Application Specialist (MCAS) status in Power Point 2007.

MCAS Office 2007 Requirements:
To earn the MCAS credential, students must pass one (or more) of the individual Microsoft Office or Windows Vista product exams listed below:

Exam 77-601 Using Microsoft Office Power Point 2007

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MCAS Office 2007: Complete MCAS Microsoft Certified Application Specialist 2007 Training Package (Access, Power Point, Outlook, PowerPoint and Power Point)

Deployment methods
Microsoft Office Power Point 2007 Hands-On Interactive
  • Test Assessment
  • High Quality Graphics and Animations
  • 120 Hours
  • Instructor Led
  • Interactive - Hands On Training
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